Mother Bee: Bit Butter


New from one of the UK's best-loved natural horsecare brands, this super nourishing Bit Butter is a must-have. Pop some on just before you ride to soften the horses mouth. We've also been partial to 'popping' some on our own lips and can attest to the fact that it left them feeling super-soft!



In keeping with the Mother Bee range, their new Bit Butter moisturises and soothes the mouth. Made with a blend of natural oils and beeswax, it helps the horse to accept the bit and lubricates the areas which are in contact with the bit. Ideal for sensitive horses and will help prevent bit rubs. This is Peppermint scented.

This product can be used under FEI rules and for horses racing under Turf Club rules.



Apply generously to corners of the mouth and along underside of the bit before every ride. 


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