Hawkins Organic: Best In Show Shampoo


Hawkins Organic's philosophy is simple - they aim to provide the best possible grooming products without nasty chemicals and using only natural ingredients. They've certainly achieved that with this delicious-smelling apple and mint shampoo. Shifting even the toughest of grease, this shampoo will leave your horse shiny and squeaky clean!



Hawkins' 100% natural, chemical free shampoo contains mint and apple essential oils which are renowned for their antibacterial and cleansing properties.

'Best in Show" is perfectly PH balanced so it is suitable for horses with sensitive skin and provides a wonderful shiny coat. Their shampoo is also mild enough for regular use unlike some which are very concentrated. 



Wet the coat, mane and tail and either apply the shampoo directly onto the coat undiluted and rub in with a suitable brush or sponge, or add a squirt to a bucket of ideally warm water and use this way. You can leave our shampoo on the skin for 5 minutes if you have embedded stains and dirt. Rinse thoroughly and squidgy off.





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