EcoHoof: Pink Hoof Clay

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This hidden gem was a chance find when we were looking for mud fever remedies last winter. Cue Pink Hoof Clay. Quoted as being 'magic in a pot' by those in the know, the clay acts as natural protection from external mud and dirt, whilst encouraging skin and hair regrowth underneath. Plus it's pink. Who doesn't love a bit of pink!?

P.S It's also great on hooves...



Pink Hoof Clay contains natural clay and essential oils with penetrating ingredients which can be packed into the hoof to solve many problems. Ideal for hooves, soles, frogs, hoof walls and white line areas. Can alleviate the symptoms of cracked hooves, minor cuts, grazing and bruising. Acts as a protective barrier. 100% natural and eco friendly product.



Pink Hoof Clay comes ready to use. Ensure the hoof is clean and dry before application. Paint on or pack into all areas of the hoof. Allow the clay to dry. The long contact period aids speedy recovery from most common hoof complaints. Repeat process after 3 days if necessary.


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