EQyss: Premier Conditioning Spray

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The perfect daily coat spray has arrived! 

We love to keep our horses coats protected and shiny by applying a daily coat conditioner. Not only does it repel dust & dirt, it keeps their skin moisturised, preventing scurf and dry patches. You'll also find clipping SO much easier!

This product will last you ages and smells divine!



Specifically developed to bring moisture captured from the air to the coat. When the coat is not covered with oils or polymers, as other grooming products would contain, moisture is absorbed through the hair to the skin and the skin can respirate better. This spray is non-toxic and won't sting the eyes, so can be sprayed around the face if necessary. It treats dry skin and coats with natural ingredients which attracts moisture to make dry, parched hair and skin smooth and supple. Premier Spray will enhance shine and repel dust and dirt, help promote healthy skin and coat and prevent dry skin conditions.

Please note, this product is cruelty-free but not 100% natural. If you're looking for an all-natural alternative, we'd recommend Hawkins Organic Eau De Neigh.



Use as often a desired on dry horse, especially after brushing to replenish the coat.