EQyss: Premier Shampoo


EQyss's Premier Shampoo uses a miraculous blend of botanicals to clean your horses hair completely, leaving it silky smooth and shiny. We love using this before a show to bring out the very best result. Like all of the other EQyss range, this shampoo features a fantastic fruity scent. Comes in a large bottle which will last you ages!



Premier Shampoo is the ONLY shampoo that leaves the hair shaft completely clean, not coated with wax, oil, petroleum by-products, silicone, or synthetic polymers which are found in almost all other grooming shampoos, thereby letting the hair accept more moisture from the air. Absolutely the finest shampoo ever made... for humans, horses, or pets. Dry flaky skin disappears. hair will dry up to 50% faster. Colours will be brighter. Rinses clean easily & leaves no residue.

Please note, this product is not 100% natural. If you're looking for a natural alternative, we highly recommend Wild Wash Ultra Shine Shampoo.




Dilute 2 or 3 drops in a bucket of water. Shampoo, rinse and scrape dry.





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