Hawkins Organic: 'Blanc Canvas' Whitening Shampoo

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Hawkins have come up trumps with this 100% natural whitening shampoo. Designed to shift those stubborn stains, yet made without any nasty chemicals, this shampoo really is a revelatory essential for your wash box. An added bonus, you can wave goodbye to the bleach smells you will have become accustomed to with other whitening shampoos.



'Blanc Canvas' whitening shampoo gently removes dirt, stains leaving your horses coat clean and ready for whatever discipline. As endorsed by International riders and FEI compliant this shampoo is essential for any grey or coloured horse.

Perfectly PH balanced and containing only natural ingredients with no nasty chemicals this shampoo is mild enough for regular use and for those horses with sensitive skins. Hawkins Organic does not use any SLS, parabens or bleach in their products. The cucumber and secret blend of organic ingredients will create the perfect 'Blanc Canvas'



Wet the coat, mane and tail and either apply the shampoo directly onto the coat undiluted and rub in with a suitable brush or sponge, or add a squirt to a bucket of ideally warm water and use this way. You can leave our shampoo on the skin for 5 minutes if you have embedded stains and dirt. Rinse thoroughly and squidgy off.





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