Hawkins Organic: 'Buck Off' Fly Spray

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You won't go far wrong with this fly repellent. It keeps the bugs away all day, as well as being kind to your horses skin and the environment!

We first tried this in the depths of the hot 2018 summer and were not disappointed. Unlike chemical-based repellents, 'Buck Off' smells deliciously fresh and leaves no sticky residues or stripey marks on your horses coat.



As featured in Absolute Horse and Your Horse Magazines 'Best Of British' / 'Hot Picks'.

"Buck Off" spray is perfectly PH balanced but highly effective without upsetting the natural balance of your horses skin and is suitable for those who are not able to tolerate DEET or strong chemically based repellents.

Used by Alex Hardwick, Georgie Crumley to name a few of our riders who are delighted with our product which has led to be award winning.

Containing natural herbs including quassia bark and organic lemongrass extract. We only use the highest grade ingredients to our fly repellent but once you have seen the results you will know why we are so passionate about 'Buck Off'

Our spray can help keep horses pest free all summer.

We recommend you use a cloth/sponge to apply to the face. 

Apply as required. Suitable for regular use throughout the day if required when flies are in abundance. 




Shake well before use. Buck Off spray can be used on a wet or dry coat. We recommend using a sponge to apply to sensitive areas such as the face.


 PLEASE NOTE: Second image is reflective of the actual bottle size



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