Red Horse: Sweet Oil

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When it comes to effectiveness, we trust Red Horse 100%. They haven't let us down this time either, producing this sweet itch power-house.

Made with a blend of natural ingredients alongside Saltidin, which isn't natural but is non-toxic and does an incredible job at keeping the flies away! Sweet oil soothes and relieves even the itchiest skin, so your horses body can regrow lost hair.

If you are looking for a 100% natural alternative, we highly recommend Mother Bee Sweet Relief.



Sweet Oil is a soothing horse skin moisturiser that relieves irritation and helps horses stay itch free during mild months.

With soothing neem oil, skin-friendly almond oil and Saltadin, Sweet Oil offers all-day moisturisation to help horses resist the urge to rub, and to support the natural regrowth of hair.

Warning: do not use on or near open skin. If the skin surface has been broken, try Mother Bee's Sweet Relief.



Spot check on a small area of skin before use and do not use if a reaction occurs.

Rub the oil well into the crest, tailhead and other areas prone to dry, irritated skin.