Silverfeet: Hoof Balm


Silverfeet is worth the hype - and then some...a unique blend of natural ingredients and silver ions which help keep hooves in the best possible condition when used daily as part of routine hoof care. 

Unlike some other brands, it avoids solvents, crude oil derivatives and tar which can dry out and clog the hooves pores. Have you ever noticed a greasy residue at the top of your horses hooves from these products?

Having tried many, many hoof balms on our horses, this one is up there with the best of them. A true multi-purpose hoof balm, Silverfeet nourishes your horses hooves and leaves a beautiful lasting sheen for the show ring.



Silverfeet is formulated using ingredients from eco-sustainable sources and consists of a vegetable oil/beeswax base plus essential oils and the all-important silver complex. Since Silverfeet does not contain any harsh chemicals, it is safe for daily use in place of regular hoof oils even by children. Silverfeet is primarily designed to be preventative as part of a daily hoof maintenance regime and is competitively priced to ensure it is cost effective to provide maximum hoof protection all year round.

Silverfeet has a pleasing smell and the balm is formulated to a non-spill but easy-to-apply consistency. The balm is available in four colours: natural, girly pink, boys' blue and black. When the pink and blue versions are applied, natural hoof colour is not altered but enhanced, producing a lasting shine. The black balm has been specifically designed for black hooves.

This product is also available in liquid form, which you can find here.  



Apply to a clean dry wall, sole & frog. Use daily for maximum protection.

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