The Alchemist's Garden: Carbon Clean Shampoo

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With their genius use of 100% natural ingredients to create products that can actually better their man-made rivals, The Alchemist's Garden were one of the horse world's best-kept secrets!

Well not any more! Honest Riders are now exclusive stockists of this fantastic range. 

This shampoo is packaged in a PLASTIC FREE container which is made from a sugar cane 'Bio-polymer'. When sugar cane grows it absorbs CO2 in the atmosphere and therefore helps to reduce our carbon emissions. It's also 100% recyclable.



The Alchemist's Garden Carbon Clean is our latest all natural shampoo with a whole host of dirt busting properties that both you and your horse will just LOVE. 

As always, Carbon Clean Shampoo contains no nasty or harsh chemicals and is totally plant based! It is formulated with one of our from favourite essential oils Tea-Tree, which is ideal for treating bacterial and fungal skin conditions and also preventing infection and promoting healing. 

Activated Charcoal is an absolute powerhouse when it comes to detoxifying and removing impurities. It works to 'mop up' dirt and excess oil from your horses coat and rinse away to leave a scurf and dirt free coat meaning Carbon Clean is IDEAL for horses who are particularly itchy or scurfy. 

It will revive dull, lifeless and thinning coats and cleanse the skin to give your horse a super natural shine that really stands out. 



It can be used in one of two ways, as a wash off in a slosh bucket, or directly as a shampoo. 

  • If using as a rinse, add 100ml of Carbon Clean Shampoo to a bucket of water and mix thoroughly. Using a sponge apply directly to remove sweat marks, stable stains or surface dust. Then simply rinse and scrape off! For added Fly Deterring power leave to sit on the horse for a couple of minutes before rinsing off. 
  • If using as a shampoo apply Carbon Clean Shampoo directly to your sponge and work thoroughly into the coat, in particular targeting in problem areas or heavy staining. Leave to work for a few minutes before rinsing off. 

NOTE: we would ALWAYS recommend patch testing our products on your horse before use. Please do not use this product around your horses face, eyes and nose. We would not recommend applying to open or healing wounds. Not for use internally. 

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