The Alchemist's Garden: Fly Repellent

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With their genius use of 100% natural ingredients to create products that can actually better their man-made rivals. 

The Alchemist's Garden were one of the horse world's best-kept secrets!

Well not any more! Honest Riders are now exclusive stockists of this fantastic range. 

Did you know that deet, used in traditional fly sprays is quite harmful to the environment? It is also poisonous if ingested by horses (worth considering if your horse is groomed by others).

This fly repellent uses a combination of eucalyptus and neem oil to keep bugs away. It's not only effective, but also comes in a plastic-free container which of course we love!



The Alchemists Garden Natural  Fly Repellent is formulated with a blend of Lemon Eucalyptus, Citronella, Neem Oil and Carrot Seed Oil which work together to nourish the skin, and deter flies and insects.

This product is packaged in a PLASTIC FREE container which is made from a sugar cane 'Bio-polymer'.When sugar cane grows it absorbs Co2 in the atmosphere and therefore helps to reduce our carbon emissions. 



Patch test before use. Spray liberally avoiding eyes and nose. Store out of direct sunlight, shake well before use.

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