Well Gel: Original Gel


After initially being dubious about the potential powers of such an innocent-looking pot, we are now FULLY in awe of its mystical powers. A pot of this incredi-smelling gel is now stationed in our grooming kits at all times and has been known to cure cuts, sores, rubs, fly bites, hives....well pretty much anything to be honest!


Each time, the gel has soothed instantly and the healing can be seen within one day of use. We're converted.



An aloe vera gel with essential oils which can be used on cuts, rubs and mud fever, to aid the skins natural healing process.

Contains pure aloe vera gel, tea tree, lavender, roman chamomile, achillea millefolium, daucus carota which are blended to make a great smelling gel that is easy to apply and contains all the benefits of essential oils. 

Ingredients DO NOT appear on the FEI banned substances list.




Apply to cleaned affected areas (we recommend first cleaning with Well Gel Spray It) once or twice daily.

For external use on animals. Keep away from children. Apply to test area first.





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