How To Use Honest Horse Soap Bars

Our Soap Bars are super easy to use!

Step 1: Take one grubby pony - see exhibit A - the lovely Wigs owned by Lizzie from Ponies & Prosecco

grubby pony

Step 2: Wet your horse's coat thoroughly. 

Step 3: Place the soap inside the sisal bag (if you have decided to use one). Wet the soap bar thoroughly - this will activate the lather!

Step 4: Holding your soap bar in your hand, massage it across your horses body, mane and tail, paying particular attention to grubby areas. You'll find that the bar produces a lovely lather, allowing you to keep track of the bits you've done.

Unlike liquid shampoo, you'll find that there is absolutely no wastage - everything goes straight onto your horse, not the floor!

Step 5: Wash the soap out of your horse's coat, mane and tail thoroughly. You'll find that the soap washes out really easily and there won't be any annoying suds left behind like you might find with shampoo.

Step 6: Sweat scrape any excess water.

Step 7: Use the handy rope on the top of the bar to hang it up to dry

Step 8: Stand back and admire your sheeny, shiny steed (for approximately 5 minutes, before he heads into the field to find the muddy spot again)...


That's it! It's super easy to use and (we hope) you'll find you never want to go back to liquid shampoo in plastic bottles ;-)

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