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Honest Riders started life in 2017 after our founder, Zoe Kiff decided to break free from traditional big brand rider wear.

Having worked in marketing for over 15 years, consulting and advising global brands, it was time to start following passions and dreams. Zoe has designed and created a range for real riders. She believes that you don’t just buy clothes, you buy ideas, good values and quality. Your clothes are a reflection of your own individual sense of style and beliefs. 

We really hope that ours are enough to want Honest Riders in your life...



Honest Riders represents an uprising. We want to satisfy a demand from the world’s equestrians for more transparency and ethically conscious, eco-friendly shopping to support your passion – horse riding.

Our ethos is that equestrian style shouldn’t just look good, but do good too. All of our slogan range raises money for equine charities. Our products are also made with the environment in mind – fair wear certified, made from organic cotton and sweatshop free.

We choose cruelty-free, natural products to use on our horses - why buy chemicals when you could buy natural products that are arguably more effective and kinder to the environment!

We also use recyclable packaging, so you'll notice your order will arrive in a cardboard box, with paper padding, or a lovely postage bag made from recycled paper or grass paper.

Find out more about #RidersOnAMission here



Known for our high quality, organic fabrics, we always strive to strike a chord with honest riders worldwide. Our iconic slogan wear is designed to charm and spread a smile amongst those 'in the know'.




Our horse care range was curated by Zoe and some of her most trusted fellow equestrians to bring together the very best, most effective horse care products. Frustrated with searching for hours on forums, only to be misled by over-stated marketing claims, this range only includes products that do what they say they'll do!

In line with the Honest Riders ethos, these products are also made from natural, eco-friendly ingredients. The majority of suppliers we have chosen make their products in the UK, using human-grade ingredients. This means no nasty chemicals on you, or your horse. Finally and most importantly, none of the products we sell have been tested on animals. Here's to a cruelty-free future!

We are also building an extensive plastic-free horse care range, which you can check out here.



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