Mud Fever Miracles

Mud fever is caused by a cocktail of external conditions, bacteria in the soil and the skin quality on your horse. It is particularly prevalent during springtime when the skin's natural barriers are weakened by the wet conditions in fields and milder weather activating bacteria in the soil.

Anyone whose had a horse suffer with mud fever knows how debilitating and hard to get rid of it can be. Having had horses prone to mud fever here at Honest Riders, we've been on the search for the best natural creams to prevent and clear it when the scabs strike!

For those with horses prone to mud fever, prevention really is best. Pick one of the creams in point 1 to help form a strong barrier against the element.

We've also taken advice from sponsored rider and vet Natalie McGoldrick on the best way to treat mud fever which you can see on point no.2 here...