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What our customers think...

  • "Great quality, super-fast and personal service.¬†¬†I unreservedly recommend Honest Riders - it's my guilt-free purchasing pleasure!!"

    Hayley S.

  • "Love this shampoo bar, if has a lovely smell and really foams up leaving the horses coat clean and soft afterwards ūüôĆūüŹĽ"

    Shona S.

  • "This product is amazing! I have used this on my haflingers really thick and long mane and tail for just over a week now and it‚Äôs already made it look super healthy and shiny. Even a week after applying I was still able to easily de-tangle my horses tail with ease. It smells absolutely gorgeous and is worth every penny! I will be ordering more!"

    Charlotte S.

  • "Absolutely love my sweatshirts, great fit and quality, and such amazing customer service from Zoe! I now have four and can‚Äôt wait to add more...the only jumpers I ride and work in! And what‚Äôs more, they donate part of every sale to an amazing charity. Thank you Honest Riders!"

    Lucie J.

  • "My beautiful Two Hearts Hoodie arrived today with a hand written note paying tribute my beloved horse who recently lost. I cannot thank you enough that was such a thoughtful thing to do. Jo xx"

    Joanne F.

  • "Fantastic quality pieces that wash really well. They stand up to being worn around the yard but look equally at place not around the horses. I absolutely love my sweatshirts and t shirts! Definitely recommend¬†ūüĎćūüŹĽ"

    Becca H.

  • "Love these sweatshirts, great quality, they wash really well and are so comfortable."

    Anna A.

  • "Just received my warmblood sweatshirt and it‚Äôs even better than I imagined thank you xx"

    Jamie H.

  • "Fantastic range of clothing with amazing quality whilst supporting such strong causes"¬†

    Sarah M.

  • I bought a t-shirt and sweat shirt for myself in your sample sale in the spring and I LOVE them! Being a size 16 I find it hard to find equestrian clothing that fits and is pleasant to wear...wearing my Honest Riders clothes I don‚Äôt feel self-conscious and this is a massive deal! I‚Äôm hoping to treat myself to some more of your lovely clothes in the new year. I have also been inspired by your sustainability campaign!
    Keep up the excellent work, you guys are changing the horse world for the better!

    Helen Y.

  • Thankyou so much for the best mane and tail spray ever! My darling little mud monster Millie, piebald Irish cob 15'2", can't help herself , she loves mud!¬†Trouble is I love her looking smart. Especially her beautiful very full white/black tail and mane. ¬†It usually takes forever to brush through and with all the mud and whatever else she lays in it never looks how I want it too, until now, ¬† please let me say again huge thanks as it has not only saved me loads of time but her tail has never looked so amazing. (Other than after a full shampoo!). It is brilliant stuff and smells gorgeous too.Bit like polo mints unfortunately........

    Many thanks

    A very satisfied customer 

    Joy P.