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Rinse Bombs are the horsey equivalent of a human bath bomb. Drop a Rinse Bomb into half a bucket of water after exercising your horse, watch it fizz and dissolve, before using a plastic-free sponge to rinse away sweat and grime from your ride.

Here at Honest Horse we don't believe in creating excess waste. So we've taken a product usually sold in plastic bottles and stripped back the packaging, the harsh ingredients and the waste to offer you a more sustainable way to rinse your horse after exercise.

As you'd expect from us, these Rinse Bombs contain 100% natural ingredients and do a great job of washing off that after-exercise sweat and grease.

They have been made with love, care and compassion just down the road from Honest HQ in the UK, with cruelty-free ingredients.

They really are the bomb. Even if we do say so ourselves ;-) ...





There is absolutely no plastic in our Rinse Bombs or our packaging. We've gone to great lengths to source pouches that are 100% muck-heap-compostable.

The pouches are high barrier organic food-grade, breaking down in just 10 weeks. They can be composted on your muck heap or deposited in compostable food waste refuse containers. Even the stickers are biodegradable!

There are 9 rinse bombs (approx 100g) in each pouch, which will tackle 9 post-exercise rinses.

Containing a peppermint, grapefruit and lime essential oil blend, Cool Bombs are perfect for taking some of the heat out of your after-exercise routine. These uplifting bombs have been designed to cool and revitalise tired muscles leaving them super fresh even after the hardest of workouts.

Many bottled after-exercise rinses currently available contain a cocktail of harsh detergents, preservatives (parabens) and artificial scents that can irritate horse's skin, our skin and cause damage to the wider eco-system when it is washed into waterways.

The formulation conditions skin and coat, replacing oils lost through sweating. No need to wash it off after use.



  1. Drop a bomb into to 1/2 bucket of water.

  2. Let it fizz and dissolve.

  3. Use a plastic-free sponge to rinse your horse.

  4. Remove excess water.

  5. BOOM! There's your fresh, clean steed.


  • Approx 100g - 9 Rinse Bombs 
  • Handmade in the UK
  • Cruelty-free
  • Biodegradable
  • Palm oil free
  • Vegan
  • Paraben, Sulphate and Petroleum free
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