EqWax: Mud Repellent Oil


Finally, the eco-friendly mud repellent we've been waiting for!

Having used 'pig oil' to waterproof our mud-fever prone horses legs previously, we are so grateful to have found a natural alternative. The problem with pig oil, as we discovered to our cost is that it can burn the skin if used too frequently! 

This neem-blend comes in a recyclable aluminium tin. It totally waterproofs the horses legs so mud doesn't sit on their skin, therefore greatly reducing the chance of mud fever developing. 

Better still, it comes with an applicator cloth, so just liberally wipe on clean, dry legs and turnout your horse worry free!





Winter mud and wet conditions can cause your horse’s legs to become vulnerable to bacteria and fungus.  With this in mind EQWax designed Neem Mud Repellent Oil to help protect your horse’s legs this winter.  

The Neem Mud Repellent Oil forms a waterproof barrier to help prevent mud reaching the skin.  It contains a high percentage of anti-fungal, anti-bacterial Neem Oil in a natural carrier oil base.  Apply to dry clean legs using the cotton cloth supplied.  

“Sticks to Legs, so Mud Won't”.



Shake well before use.

Test on a small area first, leave for 24 hours (in case of allergic reaction)

Apply liberally to clean dry legs.

Not for consumption or use on cats.



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