Well Gel: Aloe Hoof


We are delighted that Well Gel have made this Hoof Gel. Every single product of theirs hits the spot. Jane, Founder and expert aromatherapist has blended a supreme mix of natural oils that soak into the hoof wall, retaining moisture and leaving a stunning sheen. 

We've also found thi product to be the bees knees when it comes to promoting hoof growth, so if your horse is suffering with cracks and breakages, look no further.



A natural aloe vera gel with added essential oils to retain moisture, ideal for summer conditions. A nourishing, easy to use hoof gel, ideal for everyday use, may encourage healthy growth.

Contains: Pure aloe vera gel, macerated carrot oil, macadamian nut oil, Darcus Carota, Citrus Paradisi    



Use 3-7 times a week during summer months. Apply to complete hoof capsule with a brush or sponge, a little goes a long way. Keep away from children.


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