EQWax: Rub Free Rug Balm


Is there anything worse than unsightly rug rubs? It's one of the trickiest things to manage when your horse is wearing rugs for longer over the winter months. That's why we were so grateful to try this eco-friendly Rub Free Rug Balm from EQWax. Applying a little everyday keeps the skin and hair moisturised, preventing friction rubs. 

It will also help repair areas already rubbed by rugs (or sweet itch!).

We are converts over here at HR HQ - this little product has saved our horses shoulders (and our sanity!). As you'd expect, this product comes in an aluminium tin, which is infinitely recyclable. Game changer.



✅ All natural ingredients
✅ No plastic container/bottle

✅ 100ml tin



Apply sparingly to areas that are prone to rug rubs. 24hr patch test recommended.

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