Mother Bee: Leather Balm


Mother Bee Leather Balm is a luxurious conditioner for all types of leather, from sofas, bags and boots to saddles & bridles, it feeds and gives leather a new lease of life.

If you love Mother Bee products in their gorgeous, stylish metal tin packaging, you'll love this!



Mother Bee Leather Balm is a luxurious conditioner for all your leather items.
From your beloved tack to your comfy sofa our exclusive mix of Beeswax and natural oils feed and conditions the leather as nature intended, adding shine and suppleness as well as extending your leather products lifecycle.
Unscented, only that of the Beeswax, makes this product a must have for any tack room, horsebox or household where leather boots, bags and sofas need a new lease of life.
Firm to the touch, a generous application to old, tired leather can be buffed to a shine, rejuvenating products to near new again. A little goes a long way.



Apply to clean leather with a soft cloth or sponge. Allow time to absorb then buff to shine. 

Store out of direct sunlight in a cool dry place.



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