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We've been searching for a decent water bottle ever since we launched our #RidersOnAMission sustainability challenge in July 2019. Finding a good one has been harder than we thought. It needed to be easy to use, hold a decent amount of fluid (!), keep our drinks cool all day, BPA free, look stylish (let's be honest, that's important too isn't it?!)...

Finally, we came across these Corkcicle bottles and BINGO! 

These bottles, with our #RidersOnAMission logo and stunning earth-inspired marble print are the perfect blend of beauty and function.

This bottle is triple insulated, keeping drinks cold for +25 hours or hot for +12 hours. It's clever shape makes it easy to hold and the mouth of the bottle is wide enough to fit ice cubes (it could be water, who knows, you could be harbouring a cheeky cocktail in there?!)

With an estimated 8 million tons of plastic dumped into our oceans every year, there's no longer any excuse for single use.
We are #RidersOnAMission. Single-use bottles be-gone!


This Corkcicle bottle draws inspiration from Earth's raw elements and adds a touch of natural beauty to any look, instantly. Plus, they keep drinks super cold for 25 hours or nice and warm for 12. 

•  Made from stainless steel

  Easy-grip, flat sides

•  Vacuum sealed

•  Triple-insulated

  Screw-on cap

•  BPA and Lead free

•  100% recyclable (although they last a very long time!)


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