Balkan Underdogs

Balkan Underdogs 


Founded in 2012, Balkan Underdogs is a registered non-profit charity run solely by volunteers dedicated to helping the neglected dogs of the Balkans.  

Coco from Balkan UnderdogsWe came across Balkan Underdogs when our founder Zoe was looking for her second rescue dog. Zoe was so impressed with the UK-based team of volunteers who helped her find Coco and provide all the assistance needed to get Coco from Serbia to the UK, back in 2017.

There is no animal welfare in the Balkans and dogs are frequently abandoned and left to fend for themselves; often before the age of 5 months. These 'street dogs' rarely live long, are cruelly treated by strangers, poisoned and left to die. Worse, they could be picked up by dog catchers and taken to 'kill shelters' where they face inhumane treatment, torture and, ultimately, death.

The small team at B.U are fighting to make a difference to some of these dogs. Despite awful starts in life, they dogs have so much love to give. By fostering or adopting a Balkan Underdog you are saving a life, a real rescue.



Balkan Underdogs are a small charity, but the work they do is so very vital for canine welfare. Having had first-hand experience of the dogs rescued by this charity, we've seen what a difference they are making to the dogs and the lives of the families that are lucky enough to adopt them. Coco is possibly THE most loving dog we've ever come across. As horse lovers, as animal lovers, it was an obvious choice for us to support a dog charity alongside the equine charities we continue to donate to. 

If you're thinking about adopting a dog, please give these guys a look. Dogs big and small, young and old of all different breeds await your love on their website!