Pablos Horse Sanctuary


We are so delighted to be able to support Pablos Horse Sanctuary nr Melton Mowbray. Pablos is a small but mighty horse sanctuary, run by a very special group of volunteers.

Pablos was founded to ease the suffering of horses and ponies in the UK, whose owners either cannot or will not look after them. 
Many of their animals have come to them through no fault of their own, either with various health problems, being elderly or if their owner’s circumstances has changed and they can no longer care for them.

​The charity was founded by Mrs Carole Fielding and is named in honour of a little pony, of no particular breed with a crooked leg, called Pablo.

​£5 from the sale of every 'No Scope, No Hope' sweatshirt will go to Pablos sold since we started trading back in October. Every single penny donated to Pablos goes towards the care of the horses and ponies in their care. A very worthy cause indeed!


​When searching for our third charity we were struck by Carole's absolute dedication to caring for the many horse and ponies in her care.

Pablos is run entirely by volunteers and rely on the generous support of fellow horse-lovers to be able to provide the care they do. We cannot think of a more deserving cause! 


​"We are totally overwhelmed by the support offered by Honest Riders and so very grateful for the help to look after horses and ponies in need."