Eco-friendly Unsponges - Scrubbies twin pack

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Did you know that traditional sponges are made of plastic? Nope, nor did we! How many sponges do we all get through on the yard each year? And how many of those end up in landfill, unable to decompose?

We've been conscious of this issue for a while now and have finally found a fantastic alternative! These Scrubbies Unsponges are useful for SO many things around the yard. We use them for:

- Cleaning tack

- Wiping on fly repellent

- Wiping on coat spray (yep, we've got horses that hate being sprayed!)

- Cleaning boots

These were originally designed for household use, so we have several in the kitchen and for cleaning the bathroom too! Once you're finished with them, just cut them up and pop them on the muckheap or compost to decompose.





Eco Sponges make an excellent replacement for the plastic ones most of us use every day. 
A set of 2 fully biodegradable pads. 
- 100% Organic Cotton printed with Eco dyes 
- Bamboo Lining (naturally antibacterial - no smell) 
- Hessian backed for excellent scrubbiness 
- 100% Organic Cotton Thread (very important - cheap polyester thread doesn't biodegrade) 
They measure approximately 14cm x 11cm each. 
Exact pattern placement will vary on each one. 
Soft on one side, scrubby on the other...perfect! 
You can throw these in the wash as often as you need to, wash at up to 40°C. Once they are all scrubbed out, simply chop them up and compost.
Also great for using in the shower/bath (just remember to put them in the washing machine regularly). 


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