EQyss: Survivor Super Detangler & Shine

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If you've never tried a serum on manes and tails before, you're in for a real treat. 

The powers of this serum are two-fold. Firstly it separates and detangles without causing hair breakage which, if you've ever encountered a matted mess of a tail, you'll understand how tricky this is.

Secondly, it adds the most incredible shine to mane and tail hair, the likes of which just can't be achieved with a spray. Go forth and discover people. You won't want to be without this grooming kit essential ever again.



One of EQyss's finest products. Give your horse a high gloss shine. Unique blend of ingredients creates the greatest detangler and shine product ever developed. Can be used wet or dry and is oil free so will not leave a sticky or tacky residue the next day. The alcohol free, non-toxic formula will not damage or coat the hair and safe for human cross-over use.

Please note, this product is not 100% natural. If you're looking for a natural alternative, we highly recommend The Alchemist's Garden Mane & Tail Spray.



Tails: Make light work of long, thick tails. Rub a small amount between hands and  run through tail, will add a high gloss shine for that show ring finish to any colour tail. Can be used wet or dry and is an oil free formula so won't leave a tacky residue. Survivor Detangler is great for dry, brittle hair, for the best result use after EQyss Premier Shampoo.

Manes: Use on long, flowing manes or plaits for instant detangling and shine. Rub a small amount between hands and run through mane, for plaits rub over the top of the plait for the perfect finish. Survivor Detangler will also help prevent manes rubbing out on rugs and hoods, use after Mega Tek Rebuilder for the best results.