Happy Equine: Fly Off

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When we heard a whisper that there was a new, super strength, natural, organic fly spray from Happy Equine we just had to give it a try. We weren't disappointed!

This fly repellent really packs a punch, particularly when your horse starts sweating. Unlike other sprays, it works with the horses coat, as opposed to sitting on top of it, offering longer lasting protection.

We're delighted to welcome this truly effective product to our hand-picked range of fly repellents.

The packaging is fully recyclable and as it's a big bottle, lasts for ages!




Combining Nature & Science we have manufactured a powerful and effective fly spray using lemon citronelle, geranium oil, eucalyptus, tea tree, basil & neem oils along with other components that have a long lasting repellent effect on flies, a broad collection of insects and various other winged and multi legged friends.

When a horse exercises it's sweat dilutes the effectivness of other fly sprays, but not ours! Happy Equine's FLY OFF fly repellent soaks itself into the horses hair ultimately providing a longer lasting effect.  Due to its natural ingredients of neem and tea tree oil its Gentle on the Skin but Firm on Flies.

Added benefit: You can also use it in the stable, woodwork and transport when out and about with your beasties as it doesn't effect the food chain. 



Shake before each use. Spot check on a small area of skin before use and do not use if a reaction occurs. Spray evenly onto your horses coat.

If your horse dislikes sprays, try spraying the product onto one of our biodegradable Scrubbies and wiping on instead.

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