Hawkins Organic |Top Hat & Tails Cleaning & Deodorising Spray

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Confession time - hands-up how many of you clean your riding hat liner regularly?

Anyone? Nope, us neither...until now.

Hawkins Organic have swooped in to save our stinky heads with this divine hat cleanser and deodoriser. It smells lemon-y fresh and get's rid of sweat and odours easily.

As you'd expect from Hawkins Organic, the top quality ingredients are organic and cruelty-free.

This could be our new favourite product...



Top Hat & Tails cleansing & deodorising spray is the perfect spray to keep your riding hats, body protectors and riding attire cleansed and fresh.

Using vegan soil association organic essential oils and natural cleaners our first blend contains the following essential oils:

Lemon - invigorating, clears the mind, antiseptic and natural deodoriser

Lavender - calming, anti-fingal, antiseptic and antibacterial

Tea Tree - boosts immunity, deodoriser, antiseptic & anti-fungal



Our sprays are so easy to use. To freshen and deodorise just spritz on and leave to dry or apply to a damp, clean cloth and wipe away any grease and surface dirt (please do patch test first).

As with all our products the sprays are not tested on animals and do not contain any synthetic fragrances or harsh chemicals.






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