Mother Bee: Soothe & Protect

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Each pot of Soothe & Protect is crammed with tea tree; renowned for its healing properties. Made with natural ingredients, its endless multi-tasking first-aid properties make it a perennial must-have (we never leave the yard without the pocket friendly 60ml size)!

We've known this product to help with wounds, mud fever, bald patches, skin irritations... It can also be used on dogs. Its abilities know no bounds!



Mother Bee’s revolutionary Soothe & Protect has re-written animal care. This ‘Fix all’ in a tub will soothe sores or abrasion on any animal.
Their exclusive recipe of Beeswax, Vitamin A, B & E, Lavender, Tea Tree and Camphor not only repairs the skin, it provides a protective barrier whilst allowing the skin to breathe and regenerate.
The natural antibacterial properties have benefited horses with severe mud issues, skin irritations, rubs, cuts and abrasions whilst soothing inflamed and sore skin. With 100% natural ingredients Soothe & Protect is perfect for any animal and an essential of your first aid kit.

This product can be used under FEI rules and has a 48 hour withdrawal for horses racing under Turf Club rules.



Apply as closely to the skin or affected area as possible and use as often as required. This does not replace veterinary treatment.

Do not use in direct sunlight and store in a cool, dry place.



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