Mother Bee: Super Balm

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Hands up who has a cupboard full of first aid kit for their horse, but nothing for themselves?

Yep, think that might go for all of us. It's time to make that a thing of the past as Mother Bee have now adapted their incredible Soothe & Protect wound balm, for humans!

Packed with tea tree and camphor; renowned for their healing properties, you can use this wonderfully soothing balm on bites, stings, cuts or abrasions. Better still, it comes in a fully recyclable aluminium tin.

Keep one on your first aid kit at the yard and we never leave home without the little 30g version in our hand-bag (it does wonders for heel-rubs!).



The revolutionary Soothe & Protect, ‘fix all’ in a tub is now available for you as Super Balm.

This luxuriously soothing beeswax balm will soothe any cut, sore or abrasion – perfect for stings, bites, burns, scratches, cuts and scrapes.

The exclusive recipe of Beeswax, Vitamin A, B & E, Lavender, Tea Tree and Camphor not only repairs the skin, it provides a protective barrier whilst allowing the skin to breathe and regenerate.

The natural antibacterial properties have benefited a multitude of skin issues whilst soothing inflamed and sore skin. With 100% natural ingredients Super Balm is perfect for all skin types and an essential of your first aid kit.

Available in two sizes, 30g and 100g tins.



Please patch test before use.

Use on anything you need a little cream on: burns, rashes, cuts, grazes, stings, bites. Not for use on children under 24 months old.

Do not use in direct sunlight and store in a cool, dry place.



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