Topline Naturals: Refreshing Wash

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If you're looking for a post-workout wash that soothes and relaxes tired muscles, look no further than this wash-box staple. Delivering immediate refreshment with it's genius blend of organic ingredients, your horse will have his aching limbs soothed, circulation boosted and coat refreshed.



Gently cool and relax your horse’s tired muscles after exercise during the warmer months. Removes sweat, cleanses and refreshes the coat. Very long lasting as 1 bottle will make around 65 washes. Smells amazing!

Topline Naturals are were the first horse care brand to be certified organic by the Soil Association. So you can feel assured that their products contain the highest quality natural products that work extremely well but remain gentle, using human food grade ingredients and no nasty chemicals.



Simply add 2 squirts to ¼ full bucket of warm water and sponge on, no rinsing required.



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