Well Gel: Mane Event


We first discovered 'Mane Event' after hours of research trying to find something to help regrow a severely damaged mane, from a winter of rug-wearing.

This product receives rave reviews from everyone that tries it. Having tried many products over the years, this was THE most effective. The secret blend of Roman Chamomile and Darcus Carota work their magic by soothing the skin and promoting hair regrowth. Apply daily and be amazed with the results!

We can now exclusively offer refills of Well Gel 'Mane Event'! Just keep the original spray top (which sadly can't be recycled), throw the empty bottle into the recycling bin and order a refill for less money!


A natural product for hair regrowth and hair loss prevention.



Simply spray a little of the oil based product on to the affected area and gently massage in to encourage new, stronger hair growth daily until the mane is restored. Caution should be used when applying on areas near tack as this could become slippery.

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