Recycling symbols and how to decipher them

May 17, 2021

Recycling symbols and how to decipher them

Knowing what can and cannot be recycled is a bit of a minefield isn't it? Especially when it comes to rubbish related to your horse.

Most packaging these days have some kind of symbol to indicate if and how it can be recycled. However, these can be really confusing and result in recycling bins being contaminated and ending up in landfill.

As a handy guide, we've gathered these symbols together to help you decipher what can go in the recycling bin and what cannot.

If the brand of horse feed or equestrian bedding does not indicate it's packaging recyclability, don't be afraid to ask!

The green dot

The mobius loop

Plastic recycling symbol

glass recycling symbol

Aluminium recycling symbol

Keep britain tidy symbol

Widely recycled symbol

Check locally recycling symbol

Not yet recycled symbol