EqWax: Citronella Fly Repellent Balm


Not only is this product super effective at keeping biting bugs and flies at bay, we also love the eco-friendly, completely recyclable packaging.

If your horse hates having fly repellent sprayed onto their face and body then this product is perfect. Use either a cloth (the soft side of our Scrubbies are ideal for this!) or soft brush to apply the repellent once a day.





This tin of fly repellent is a unique wax-based formula containing Citronella, a scientifically-proven natural fly repellent. Simply brush or sponge the soft wax onto the coat for a long-lasting, fly-repellent effect.

No harsh chemicals like DEET or permethrin but this soy wax is still very effective at deterring normal flies and horseflies.

It can be used easily on nervous horses, won’t leak in your grooming kit or tack box, doesn’t evaporate quickly and doesn’t get breathed in by horse or human during application.

Will stick to the coat and remain active for 24 hours.



Groom, wipe a little EqWax on to your brush, lightly brush over horse.

Test on a small area first, leave for 24 hours (in case of allergic reaction)

Apply daily.


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