EQyss: Marigold Spray Fly Repellent



Whilst this product is marketed as a fly spray, we use it every other day throughout the year to keep the horses skin and coat moisturised. Their coats have never looked better - no more scurf or dandruff. We're also convinced it has helped prevent rug rubs.

As per all of the EQyss products, this spray smells absolutely divine!



Marigold Spray is a coat moisturising product that was developed to attract and bind moisture captured from the air to your horse's skin and coat whilst repelling biting flies and bugs.

The US Horse Journal voted Marigold Spray its No 1 product of the year.  They found it to be the gentlest and best smelling product tested - safe for use on faces, ears & eyes. If you're looking for a totally natural fly spray that is still EFFECTIVE this is it! Especially good for horses with sensitive skin and young horses. Marigolds have kept gardens free of bugs for years now its your horses turn!

Please note:. EQyss have recently changed the label for the Marigold Spray. Due to US laws any product that states ‘fly control’ has to be licensed, even though Marigold spray does not contain any harmful ingredients. As soon at the label has been approved and licensed then it will change back to state ‘Fly, gnat and mosquito control on the bottle’. The product itself has not changed, apart from a great new sent .. as if Marigold Spray could get any better !! 



Spray body, head and ears as often as needed. Can be used on wet or dry coats.


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