Goodbye Flys: 6in1 spray

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A message from one of our lovely customers lead us to discover this absolute gem of a product.

Whilst as the name suggest, it's primary purpose is to ward off bite-y bugs, this spray does so much more. A combination of revolutionary ingredients enables it to do 6 jobs all at once:

  • Repels midges, feather mites and horse flies
  • Coat condition 
  • Gives a show shine finish
  • Moisturisers and soothes skin
  • Helps with hair regrowth
  • Makes clipping effortless, repels dirt

We now use this on our horses every single day and their coats look incredible. If you want a natural fly spray that packs just as much punch as those made from synthetic chemicals - this is it!

For ultimate anti-fly effect, use alongside the Goodbye Flys Shampoo every couple of weeks.




Show Shine That Smells Divine – That Helps protect your horse from fly attacks. Water based product made with 100% Organically Grown Plant Extract oils. All ingredients are bought from Suppliers that are certified by Ecocert one of the largest stringent certifying bodies.

All ingredients are compliant with FEI Competition Rules and the product has a 12 month shelf life. BHA Approval to use on Race Horses in Training.



Apply to horses coat daily, throughout the year, for optimum effect.  



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