Happy Equine: Instant Detangler & Conditioner Mane & Tail Spray

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This is a Mane & Tail Detangler with hidden depths. Using 100% organic ingredients, the formulation avoids coating the hair with silicone (which can leave it dry and brittle over time), instead using the powers of coconut to maintain moisture and condition the hair.

We love the smell of this product AND the fact that when we use it every few days it keeps our horses tails tangle-free and without the dreaded dreadlocks!

The bottle is fully recyclable too, as you'd expect from a brand we work with.



We have, through our laboratory, designed an intensive Detangler & Conditioner with the knowledge of how important it is to keep you horses' mane & tail in tip-top condition. A natural nutrient - coconut provides the essential proteins required for moisturisation, maintaining and repairing damaged hair. Along with many other essential oils and components we have been able to create this remarkable product... it guards each strand of hair & locks in moisture. maintaning hydration and deep conditioning. 

A little goes a long way and it leaves the hair super silky smooth and knot/tangle free.



Shake. Spray. Brush through gently.

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