Homethings | Multi-Surface Spray | Starter Kit


We've been using refillable cleaning sprays for years, but having never settled on a brand, up popped Homethings.

Not only do Homethings use the refillable 'bottle for life' concept, they have also gone to the next level with the ingredients of their products. Their 'clean ingredients' are cruelty-free, free from the harmful chemicals that cleaning products usually include: phosphates, phosphonates and chlorine AND it's made right here in the UK.

We use so much cleaning spray, not just at home, but in the tack room and yard kitchen too, so this product has become an essential. Once you've used it all up, just buy a refill, add it to your bottle for life and go again.

Refills typically have 90% less cO2 emissions and this product is no different so it was a no brainer to include it in our first ever Eco-subscription box so that our subscribers can make an instant impact on their carbon hoofprint.




Powerful Multi Surface refillable cleaning spray. Grapefruit & Mandarin flavour

Includes Bottle for life and effervescent tab. Just add tap water.


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