Mother Bee: Hoof Balm

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This is one of our favourite winter essentials - particularly when the ground becomes consistently wet. This high performance Hoof Balm is incredibly protective adding a waxed glossy barrier onto the hoof wall. Using eucalyptus & Tea Tree oils it can be used on the sole and frog of the foot to protect against damp conditions.



Mother Bee Hoof Balm is made from only the finest natural ingredients, perfect for adding a glossy appearance to the hoof wall whilst protecting and conditioning the hoof itself.
Our exclusive mix of Beeswax, Tea Tree and Eucalyptus complement and support the natural oils in the hoof to help it stay conditioned and avoid any brittleness.
When applied to the coronary band it will encourage growth, whilst the natural antiseptic qualities protect the heel and sole, especially in conditions less favourable to the hoof construction such as wet, hard or dry ground.
Hoof Balm is the only application needed to keep your horse’s feet in tip top condition, both inside and out. Applied with a stiff brush, it is firm to the touch and has a very long shelf and use life making it both cost effective and easy to use.



Apply to hoof wall and sole of hoof including coronary band and frog. Use as often as required. Apply with a stiff brush, fingers or sponge.



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