Plastic free bucket brush


If you're trying to reduce your plastic waste around the yard, add one of these beauties to your equipment.

These bucket brushes have a wooden handle and scrubby-bit made from coconut fibres, yes you read that right!

If you think about how many plastic bucket brushes you get through in a lifetime, imagine how many of those end up in landfill, unable to decompose. Join us in being part of the solution with this ingenius product.

This brush is perfect for keeping water and feed buckets squeaky clean. Its 100% plastic-free, biodegradable and compostible on your muck heap. Y

Another game-changer for reducing your carbon footprint around the yard (and at home!).





Coconut fibre has natural antibacterial and water-resistant qualities which make it an ideal cleaning material. It can be used with any cleaning agent on any hard surface. 

Our coconut scourer is made from sustainably farmed coconut husk’s (outside of dried coconuts), wrapped around a metal wire core with a sustainable beechwood handle.

Beech trees grow very fast and are replanted after each one is cut. The coconut husk is a by-product of the coconut harvesting process and is considered renewable and sustainable since new crops of coconuts can be regrown repeatedly from the same trees.


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