Seed Bombs | Butterflies


We all know that our local pollinators are in decline and what a serious impact that has on us as horse owners.

So it made sense to get some of these native wildflower seed bombs in, to encourage our fellow horse owners to dedicate a pot, or even area of the field, to wildflowers.

We absolutely love these butterflies. Not only are they easy on the eye, but they're also super easy to plant anywhere around the yard, to offer a stunning variety of wildflowers for our local pollinators to enjoy.




2 Colourful Butterflies which will grow into a range of bright, colourful flowers that the real butterflies and bees will love.

The colours and design of the butterflies in each pack will vary but aim to give a good variety and don't repeat a colour set in an individual packet.

Butterflies measure approximately 3.5cm x 4.5cm.

Seed Mix usually includes : Alyssum Antirrhinum Asters Brachycome California Poppy Candytuft Canterbury Bells Cornflower Dahlia Linaria Linum - Flax Lobelia Mesembryanthemum Phlox Poppy Papaver Stocks Virginia Stock Zinnia African Daisy Dimorphotheca


Seed balls don't need planting or complex propagation – just scatter them where you want them to grow (preferably on top of soil or compost), and let nature take over! It really is that simple! Seed balls will also grow equally well in pots or other planters.

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