5 changes equestrians can make to save our planet

October 06, 2020

5 changes equestrians can make to save our planet

If you've watched David Attenborough's latest film on Netflix; 'A Life On Our Planet', you'll likely have been moved by the impact we've had on our planet, particularly in the last 50 years.

I don't know about you, but this one film strikes me as the most terrifying horror movie of all time. Our planet, David says, is no longer dying, it’s being murdered by mankind. 

Pretty sobering, right? 

Watching films and documentaries like this can make you feel totally overwhelmed. Sustainability is, quite frankly a HUGE and complicated topic. 

If you're feeling a bit flummoxed, we've got 5 suggested changes you can make as an equestrian, right now, that will make a difference.


1/ Fuel your home and yard with renewable energy.

It's super easy to make the switch and you can usually save a bit of money whilst you're at it! We'd suggest looking at Bulb, Octopus Energy or Green Energy as a start. 


2/ Switch to natural horse care in recyclable (or better-still, zero-waste) containers.

Think how many man-made chemicals you're currently washing down the drain into the sea and how many plastic bottles that are ending up in landfill. All totally avoidable. We've put together some of our favourite plastic-free, natural horsecare products here.


3/ Eat more plants.

Sir Dave mentions the importance of a plant-focused diet as animal products have a much larger carbon footprint. That doesn't mean to say you need to go vegetarian, just build in 2 or 3 more plant-based meals into your week.

Could you also start to grow your own from the manure you lovingly clear up each day?


4/ Stop buying single-use water bottles, takeaway trays and cutlery at shows

Seriously, you just don't need to. There are so many beautiful reusable water bottles (ahem, cheeky mention for our reusable marble bottle ;-) and mugs that you could keep in your car or lorry. Fill it up before you head out, take your own lunch...you never know you might save a bit of cash and eat a bit healthier as an added bonus!


5/ Buy better, buy less

Rather than buying 3 riding tops for £20 each, buy one for £60 and get more use out of it. Do your research - is the brand you're buying from up front about how their clothes are made and what fabrics they use? Environmentally-friendly equestrian wear may cost a little bit more, but this reflects the true cost of using materials that are less damaging to the environment and fairer for the factory workers that make them. 



Not sure where or how that base layer is being made? Spend some time researching, pick an alternative. Suspect that your household cleaning products could be washing harmful chemicals into our waterways and worse still, onto your skin? Find an alternative!

We can clean up every beach in the world, but the real power comes from larger, systemic change. If we no longer contribute our vote to companies and governments that are not taking sustainability seriously, they'll lose power to those that are rather quickly.