5 tips for eco-friendly, effortless tack cleaning

April 27, 2020

5 tips for eco-friendly, effortless tack cleaning

Tack cleaning, chore or cheer?

Love it or hate it, we've put together 5 tips that will not only make your tack cleaning more eco-friendly, but also help speed up the process and reduce the amount of elbow grease needed:

1/ A new lease of life

tack cleaningWhen it comes to getting the dirt and grime out of those smaller creases in your tack, an old toothbrush is your best friend. Use it gently on your sparkly browband, in between your stirrup iron tread and metal or even along the join between the leather on your boots and the sole, to really achieve that show-ring finish (plus, you're saving another toothbrush from landfill!)


2/ Rags to riches

Save another item from landfill, tear up an old t-shirt and use it to buff your leather work after it's been soaped. Works especially well on riding boots and the patent on your horses noseband!


3/ Toothpaste and dishwashers

Struggling to get your metal-work shiny? Either pop them in your dishwasher (if you can get away with it in your house!) OR, grab a bit of fluoride-free toothpaste and use it to get them really gleaming!


4/ Those old ends...

Trying to get the last bits out of a deep saddle soap container can be really annoying. Hands up who else has multiple 1/4 full pots sat there? To get the last bits used up, scrape them out of the pots and melt in a pan. Stir together well and reset into a one container. 


5/ Cloth maintenance

Sounds simple, but having a clean cloth each time you tack clean will make the world of difference to the end result. Shameless plug here, our compostible 'Scrubbies' can be chucked into the washing machine after you've used them so there won't be any build up of grime or soap. They come in packs of 2, so you can keep one for cleaning the leather and the other for soaping it!


If you want to watch our natural leather care in action, the lovely Sophie from @riding_remington shared this video of her tack cleaning method...