Meet the Maker | Jane Cooper, Wild Wash

June 30, 2020

Meet the Maker | Jane Cooper, Wild Wash

Having recently launched the Wild Wash 'Detangler' I thought it was about time I caught up with Jane, the brains behind the brand!

I first discovered Wild Wash over 4 years ago when searching for an effective shampoo for my sensitive-skinned rescue dog. This shampoo was the only one that managed to clean my dog, without making her skin inflamed and itchy, whilst still removing the scurf and doggy smells. Plus, being naturally drawn to beautiful packaging, I fell totally in love with the look of Wild Wash on my shelf.

Wild Wash ShampooWe now stock all 4 of Wild Wash's horse shampoos - their 'Medicated' Shampoo is my go-to when bathing early in the season as it is super-effective at getting to that really ingrained scurf. I also use their 'Ultra-Shine' shampoo for the rest of the season as it smells uh-mazing and leaves their coats beautifully shiny and conditioned.

We love this brand here at Honest Riders, not least because the products are made right here in the UK so have a much lower carbon footprint, the bottles are recyclable, they are certified with Cruelty Free International and have also won an Ethical Award from The Ethical Company Organisation for the range!

With the exciting launch of the Detangler spray, I just had to catch up with Jane to find out more...

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So Jane, tell us about Wild Wash! How and when did you get started?

Wild Wash Jane CooperWow…. Time flies, we launched just after the birth of my daughter, so 11 years ago. I was an actress before I had my daughter and then I gave up as I just didn’t want to travel anymore and be away from her.

My dog at the time, a beautiful American Bulldog called Missy, had very sensitive skin and we couldn’t find anything to help her.

We started off making dog and cat products and then my family, friends and
customers started using the pet products for their horses as they said there was
nothing like it on the market.


What made you decide to develop products for horses?

Horse wash showerDogs and cats have a different pH to horses, so we decided to go ahead and make a specific range of products to suit a horse’s skin.
Horses can be very sensitive and so chemical–free products really suited them,
whilst still getting amazing results with their coats.

Why did you choose to make all-natural products?

There are so many benefits to using a natural product. For instance, as we do not use sulphates, we get a small lather, rather than a mass of bubbles. This means it washes quickly out of the coat and the coat isn’t left with any residue and therefore dries very quickly. It can make the washing process so quick and easy.


How do you choose your ingredients?

There are some ingredients I just know we want such as Neem and others we come across whilst researching.


Have you got any exciting new products in the pipeline that you could give us a sneaky insight into?

We have just launched our WildWash Best Ever Nose Balm with natural SPFs. It’s perfect to protect against the sun and keep noses happy!


What’s your favourite Wild Wash product and why? I love our Ultra Shine Shampoo. It smells beautiful and is rich, thick and lushious. It brings the coat up so shiny, the results really are amazing. 

That's my favourite too! Of all the shampoos we sell, that's the one I choose to use, especially before a show - the shine is fantastic!


What's your top horse care ‘hack’? 

We recommend our Wonder Balm as the perfect product to keep in the horse box. It can be used on minor cuts, grazes and hot spots and gives fantastic results. It can also be used as a hoof dressing and brings hooves back to beauty almost instantly. It’s quite a special product!


Thank you so much for your time Jane.