Meet the maker: Cheryl McWilliam | Mother Bee

February 18, 2019

Meet the maker: Cheryl McWilliam | Mother Bee

Mother Bee is a family business in every sense of the word. When Cheryl McWilliams Mum passed away in 2013 she found her little book containing the ingredients for several natural remedies, including a healing cream that had been in her family for generations.
In June 2014 one of Cheryl's horses scalped the top of his head and had a loose flap of skin. Her Vet was on an emergency call and told her to put cream on it and bandage it up and he’d be there when he could. So she used her Mum's healing cream.
The next morning when the vet arrived it was completely sealed and didn’t need stitches. He asked Cheryl to get him some samples and he loved it. This prompted the start of one of (in our opinion!) one of the best natural horsecare brands on the market.
I finally got to catch up with Cheryl and find out what makes this brand so special...
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Tell us a bit more about yourself and your four-legged family...

Yes we have 3 ISH, all mares; 5yro, 9yro and 17yro, all in work and very much our way of life. We also have 2 Cats, and 4 dogs standard issue as horse owners, including the token Jack Russel!

We are very much showjumpers at heart, although with work commitments this last few years we haven’t got to do much in the way of competing. We do enjoy cross country. However 2019 we are out training already and have full intentions of being out on the circuit to some degree this year.


So having discovered your Mum's amazing recipe book, what made you decide to carry on producing natural horsecare?

My Mother was an aromatherapist and reflexologist and we were exposed to all things natural before it was popular, in our house, Mum made a lot of her own products and I’d have been part of that process as a child so it was second nature to start creating products. I personally use a lot of natural products and as the animals in our house are part of the family, I wouldn’t use anything on them I wouldn’t be happy to use myself. Everything we source is ethical and from a safe and renewable source. If it’s for yourself or your animal, we are proud to stand over everything we make and if it doesn’t do what we said it would we are happy to refund you.


Well I can vouch for the products working! My horse recently gauged his pastern in the field and after applying Soothe and Protect it heeled over so quick - I was amazed! Tell us a bit about how you choose your ingredients that work this magic...

There’s a huge book we have that has all the natural and botanical ingredients in it, it’s the go-to book. However you really start with what you’re trying to achieve with your product and research from there. We also need to look for ingredients that are easily and readily available.


So what's your favourite Mother Bee product?

Soothe & Protect! There’s nothing and no one you can’t use this on. It’s being used by physio’s on the rugby pitch to new born babies for cradle cap and Nappy rash back round to serious wounds on animals to a rug rub for hair growth.


Have you got any exciting new products in the pipeline that you could give us a sneaky insight into?

We have several but the closest one to market is a Mud Fever specific cream. We are in the final stages of this.

Fantastic! I can't wait to hear all about it when this comes out, having recently suffered the effects of mud fever myself.


Celeris Boots, Mother Bee Leather BalmFinally Cheryl, would you be able to give us your top horse care ‘hack’? 

I’ve 2 if it’s allowed, our hoof balm on the base of the frog and hoof, has been a godsend for keeping them thrush free. Our Leather Balm for keeping our tack and riding boots shower proof and supple over winter!

Thank you so much for your time Cheryl! If you haven't discovered Mother Bee's incredible range yet, take a look here

Every single product in the Mother Bee range has an incredible luxurious feel to it but is actually very affordable. I keep a 60ml pot of Soothe & Protect in my grooming kit and you'd be amazed at what it comes in handy for!